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Things to Know about Matching your Invitations with your Wedding Style

Written by Marta Szczerba


Posted on April 10 2015

Do you find yourself worrying about choosing the wrong type of invitation? Cartalia has put together a few practical tips and explanations which will make your decision­making process easier.  

Visual aspect of your invitations
While your invitations don’t necessarily have to match your wedding style, they definitely do give the guests an impression of how formal your special day will be. For this reason, you should start by matching the tone of your invitations with that of the wedding day.

Planning a glamorous reception with tuxedoes and evening gowns? Go for a lace invitation with satin ribbons and classic colours such as red, white, gold or brown, such as our Gold Shell Lace  Wedding Invitation. 


Thinking of a more casual evening with your closest family and friends? Choose a cheery and playful invitation which will reflect fancy dress is not your top priority.Our laser cut wedding day invitations are perfect for setting the tone for such theme. 


Directly Inform Your Guests
However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to directly inform the guests about your specific dress preferences and expectations for the day.

Despite the frequent debate whether invitations have to colouristically match the rest of your wedding, we believe that as long as they go together with your other wedding papers, you will be fine. The best way to sort this out is to buy a full set, such as the Laser Cut Butterfly Purple Filigree Day Invitation below.

Create a Website For Your Wedding Day
A good way to ensure your guests dress according to the wedding’s theme is creating a “Dress Code” option on your website. By doing so, you can be more informal and go into more detail than on your invitations. This simple, yet effective addition will allow you to keep your guests informed about any information you may want to update them with before your wedding.