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3D Luxury Velvet Hard Back Boxed & Ribbon Invitation with Gold Foil Venue | Bespoke Commission L&M , Villa Balbiano, Lake Como

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A wonderful commission for L&M featuring a Premium Velvet Box with Pocket Style Invitation along with Custom Shape Cards, Monogram & Venue Sketch in Gold Foil and Bespoke Map

The whole design is topped with a bespoke Envelope with Hand Painted Commission of Villa Balbiano. 
The set includes a gorgeous boxed envelope with embossed initials.

This is truly elegant and original way for invitations to make you and your guests feel special. 


1.Selection & Personalisation

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2. Proofs & Review

We will create and email over your unique, personalised proof within 3-5 working days of placing the order

Three complimentary rounds of amendments are included to perfect your order.


Once you are happy with the design, your stationery will be printed within 15 working days and +3-4 days to be shipped.


If shipping using the USPS system, due to the specific nature of the product, we recommend mailing your invitations in person at the post office with special requests for hand cancellation and non-machinable mail.

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