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Sofreyeh aghd

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Publicado el marzo 22 2024

The Aghd ceremony is the traditional Persian wedding ceremony that has been practised for thousands of years, dating back to the Zorastian era. This is a cultural ceremony that is practised regardless of faith, and it traditionally takes place at the bride’s home or hometown.
There are many symbolic items on the Sofreyeh ( spread of) Aghd ( marriage), each one representing an aspect of nature such as the earth, wind, fire, and water. These symbolise the union of mind, body, and spirit, as well as the couple’s new life together.

Sofreyeh Aghd

  • The aayeneh (mirror), symbolises clarity, honesty, and purity. Traditionally the couple look into the mirror together as a metaphor of them looking ahead at their future.
  • The shamdoons (candle holders) represent brightness and eternal passion.
  • Kalleh ghand (sugar cones) are rubbed above a unity cloth during the ceremony over the couple’s head. This practice literally translates to showering the couple’s life with sweetness.
  • A holy book or poetry book is traditionally placed in front of the couple as a symbol of their faith.
  • The Termeh (traditional silk cloth) is typically handed down from generation to generation to symbolise the importance of family and tradition.
  • Atel batel (an assortment of seven spices and herbs) guards against the evil eye.
  • Naane sangak (pebbled-bread) and meeveh (fruits) represent prosperity and abundance.
  • Tokhme morgh (eggs) as well as badoom, gandom, va gerdoo (almond, wheat and walnut) are placed across the table to signify good fortune and fertility for the couple.
  • Soozan nakh (needle and thread) represent the ritual of two people becoming one and the metaphoric sewing of two families together.
  • Shakhe nabat (rock candy), noghl (almond candy) shirini (pastries) also represent sweetness in the life of the newlyweds. You’ll see a jar of assal (honey) which is used to conclude the ceremony and seal the couple’s vows to each other.