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Sofreh Aghd - Persian Ceremony Program - Order Of Service Booklet

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This romantic Sofreh Aghd Order of Service features a beautiful watercolour of the spread surrounded by ceremony details. Additional guest information is on the next page to aid them in the ceremony.

The Order of Service takes a booklet form with a hidden page which extends to create an amazing screen.

The cards and text are completely customizable.

  • Card size: 114x168 mm (folded). 
  • Material: Cover: Opal 300gsm cover ; Insert: Cream Matt 120gsm
  • Matching Green Ribbon


Shown on the watercolour:

  • The aayeneh (mirror), symbolises clarity, honesty, and purity. Traditionally the couple look into the mirror together as a metaphor of them looking ahead at their future.
  • The shamdoons (candle holders) represent brightness and eternal passion.
  • Kalleh ghand (sugar cones) are rubbed above a unity cloth during the ceremony over the couple’s head. This practice literally translates to showering the couple’s life with sweetness.
  • A holy book or poetry book is traditionally placed in front of the couple as a symbol of their faith.
  • The Termeh (traditional silk cloth) is typically handed down from generation to generation to symbolise the importance of family and tradition.
  • Atel batel (an assortment of seven spices and herbs) guards against the evil eye.
  • Naane sangak (pebbled-bread) and meeveh (fruits) represent prosperity and abundance.
  • Tokhme morgh (eggs) as well as badoomgandomva gerdoo (almond, wheat and walnut) are placed across the table to signify good fortune and fertility for the couple.
  • Soozan nakh (needle and thread) represent the ritual of two people becoming one and the metaphoric sewing of two families together.
  • Shakhe nabat (rock candy), noghl (almond candyshirini (pastries) also represent sweetness in the life of the newlyweds. You’ll see a jar of assal (honey) which is used to conclude the ceremony and seal the couple’s vows to each other.


1. Selección y personalización

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2. Pruebas y revisión

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Se incluyen tres rondas de enmiendas gratuitas para perfeccionar su pedido.

3 . Entrega

Una vez que esté satisfecho con el diseño, su material de oficina se imprimirá dentro de los 15 días hábiles y entre 3 y 4 días después del envío.


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