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Reception seating without hustle and bustle

Written by Sales Manager


Posted on April 05 2016

Creating a seating plan for your wedding can be the most difficult and daunting task of all. With such a variety of guests attending weddings it can be difficult to know who to seat where. Close family, distant family, best friends, school friends, work colleagues, your boss and his wife and the man next door…. And that’s before you’ve even started thinking about a kid’s table! What to do? With a little tact, diplomacy and common sense, you can create a seating plan that will make almost everyone happy.

But if you already somehow managed it, remember to order the place cards, which match your wedding theme.
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Matching table plan will also be helpful for your guests to find out where do they spend the rest of the wonderful evening during your Big Day! 

Look at some inspirations:

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Plase find out DOs and DONTs  of wedding table seating plans:

DO find out how many tables you'll have and how many guests they sit before starting to work out a plan.

DO have a children's table if you're having younger guests. Positioning it near the door can be a good idea so they can be taken out if they misbehave during the speeches.

DO mix and match guests. You don't have to place people in friendship groups if you think it might be cliquey

DO try to put at least a couple of people who know each other on each table – it'll help to kick-start conversation

If you DO want to be traditional, the top table seating order runs from left to right as: chief bridesmaid; groom's father; bride's monther; groom; bride; bride's father; groom's mother; best man.


DON'T even consider putting any awkward single friends on the children's table though – it's a safe bet they'll never forgive you!

DON'T split up couples if you can help it – most guests will prefer to sit with their partner.

DON'T struggle trying to work out your seating. Write everyone's names on post-it notes and move them around until you find an arrangement you like.

DON'T forget to think about the top table seating plan. Traditionally this table should seat the bride, groom, the bride and grooms' parents, the best man and the chief bridesmaid, but you don't have to stick to this!

If you DON'T want to stick to that, consider asking each set of parents to host a table of their friends and family themselves.


We wish you a splendid wedding!
If you have any questions concerning a wedding etiquette do not hesitate asking why making an order at Cartalia.