About Us

Cartalia is a fine stationery design studio & manufacturer. We were established in London and just moved to our new studio in Chester, United Kingdom with printing facilities in continental Europe.

Contact us via phone, e-mail or post if you have any questions about our offer. We would gladly ask any of your questions!

E-mail us: info@cartalia.co.uk
Call us: 0 20 8144 7702 (London)
Write to us & come visit us : Cartalia UK, 2 Crook Street, Chester, Cheshire CH1 2BE 

Cartalia UK was founded by Domenica Francesca, London College of Fashion graduate, who has always been passionate about design within personalized invitations and social correspondence. With a background in fine arts, graphic design and all things fashion, she decided to transform her love for creative design and fashion into unique and understated line of custom wedding stationery. She formally established Domenica Designs in 2009, with aim to reinvent the art of inviting and branding in a flat print template driven industry with new and inventive techniques.  

At Cartalia UK we create personalised, creative and unique wedding stationery. 
We use unique printing and paper techniques such as: