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Wooden name tags / wooden accessories to vamp up a rustic chic wedding

Written by Marta Szczerba


Posted on September 16 2016

Who do not spend hours thinking about where should your auntie Meredith sit? And your uncle John? Once you create your prefect seating plan, you have to think how to show our guests whery they should have a seat. Why do not give them a wedding favour, a perfect keepsake from you Big Day?

This is why we decided to create unique name tags made from 100% beechwood.

We do laser cut them in different fonts so you have a variety of choices!
You can also choose the wood color, which would match perfectly your wedding theme: 

  • natural wood
  • whitened wood
  • dark brown wood
  • black wood


They can lay directly on the table, on the plate or... wherever you want them to!
Did you ever consider giving your guests something crafted especially for them?