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Unique Baby Name Puzzles | Wooden Toys | Letters Shape

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A Name Wooden Puzzle is a fantastic gift for a Baby. 🧩 
Birthday, First Year, Baptism are just a few of the occasions for which you can give this wonderful gift. 

Personalised puzzles allow your baby to learn their own name and spelling them.
They can also develop many skills - motor skills, colour & shape recognition, helps them to learn to read . 
They are an amazing addition to your kids' education. And at the same time, they can be a source of fun together. 

Puzzles can also be used as decorations for a child's room or as a nursery decor.
The possibilities are endless. We are only limited by our imagination. 

🎨 Colours: 
We offer a wide range of colors to choose from (18 colours).
Thanks to this, you can create a unique final look of the puzzle by choosing from various combinations.

Combinations are made for 5-letter names.
For names over 5 letters, the colors will be selected sequentially according to the scheme.
This means that e.g. the 6th letter will be of the same color as the first letter of a given variant.

♥ The paint we use is 100% safe for babies. 

♥ The puzzle are made from non-toxic plywood.
♥ All puzzles come with pegs for each letter

📐 Dimensions: 

The size depends on the name length and letters shape.
The maximum size of the letters is 8x8 cm.

The height of the wooden board is 10 cm


Please provide information: 

♥ Enter the Baby's Name
♥ Colour Combination Number


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